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When establishing a company in Switzerland, you have limited resources, but must comply with several administrative requirements, including the obligation to maintain accurate accounting records. 

Proper accounting in accordance with Swiss law is crucial as it serves as the basis for taxation and as an important tool for business management. Accounts and related figures are also an essential basis for the decision-making process by banks, creditors or business partners. Even small accounting errors can lead to problems with the tax authorities. Outsourcing your accounting allows you to focus on your core business. Swiss Support offers comprehensive accounting services and can assist SMEs with their financial planning.

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Accounting in Switzerland

Swiss companies must engage in financial accounting, keep records of their business transactions for 10 years and file an annual report in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO). The extent of your company’s accounting obligations depends on its legal form and annual turnover.

However, double-entry bookkeeping is still recommended for complex business models and certain industries. It is also recommended for restaurants and similar businesses with regular cash receipts.

The minimum requirements for the annual financial report are a balance sheet, an income statement, and a disclosure according to Art. 959c CO. If a full-scope audit is required, the annual financial reports must include the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, and an annex with the information as set in Art. 959c CO and the additional information required by Art. 961 CO (annual report and cash flow statement).

Your financial statements must be presented in one of the official languages of Switzerland or in English. The Swiss SME Chart of Accounts serves as the guideline for the structure of the accounting ledger.

Planning to open a company in Switzerland

The Swiss Support Team assists you with all thetasks and formalities required for your company formation in Switzerland

Outsourcing of accounting and payroll agenda for Swiss companies

We simplify the accounting and tax part for you. Our accountants will help you with:

Financial Accounting & Tax Advice

Payroll Agenda

By outsourcing your payroll agenda to Swiss Support, you will benefit from several advantages. Among other things, Swiss Support will perform the following tasks for you:

Communication with Swiss Authorities & Administrative Support

Our team will take care of your communication with companies and the Swiss authorities for you, including sorting and processing your business mail. Swiss Support can also assist you in the fields of work inspections and customs clearance.

Industries Swiss Support is specialized in

Our accounting services support small and medium-sized companies in the following industries:

Advantages of Accounting Services for your Business in Switzerland

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